ADHD Evaluation

ADHD Evaluation

Before assuming that you or your child has ADHD here’s what you should know.

While you may be worried that your forgetfulness or constant daydreaming could actually be the result of attentive deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or that your child’s disruptive, fidgety behavior could also be a warning sign, remember that a lot of these behaviors are also normal; they don’t necessarily mean that you or your child has ADHD. However, our psychiatrist, Dr. Nikhil Vora, is happy to provide ADHD evaluations for children, teens, and adults living in and around Flint, MI, whose symptoms are greatly impacting their lives.

Diagnosing ADHD

Even though there are classic symptoms that our psychiatrist will look for when performing an ADHD evaluation, she also recognizes that this disorder looks different for everyone. It’s important to be as upfront and open about the symptoms and issues you or your child is having.

The three classic symptoms associated with ADHD are:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Inattentiveness

All ADHD evaluations are performed right here at our Flint, MI, practice by our licensed psychiatrist. Before making an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Vora will need to consider these factors:

The onset of the symptoms: When did you first notice these symptoms occurring either in yourself or your child? We will also need to know how long these symptoms have been going on. In order to be able to diagnose ADHD, we need to know that these symptoms have been occurring for at least six months.

The severity of these symptoms: In order to be diagnosed with ADHD, our psychiatrist needs to be able to see that these symptoms are negatively impacting you or your child’s life, leading to serious professional, familial, and personal setbacks. Does your child not complete homework? Are teachers complaining that they don’t listen? Is your boss often on your case about incomplete or overdue projects?

When symptoms appear: Our psychiatrist also needs to see that your symptoms are impacting more than one of your environments. This includes everything from an interpersonal relationship and work, to school and home life. If symptoms only seem to appear when at work or at school, then chances are good that ADHD is not the culprit.

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If you or your child is displaying symptoms of ADHD and it’s interfering with nearly all facets of life, then it may be time to schedule an ADHD evaluation with our psychiatrist. Call Independent Behavioral Health Group in Flint, MI, today at (810) 733-5735.

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